Transform Customer Experiences with AR/VR

At Qwerty Experts, we create custom Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences that engage users, improve training effectiveness, and showcase products in innovative way.

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Powering the world’s top tech companies

Powering the world’s top tech companies

Transforming Experiences

Transformative experiences redefine our understanding of the world, challenging preconceptions and expanding horizons. They act as catalysts for profound personal growth, pushing us beyond comfort zones and into realms of exploration. These moments of metamorphosis unveil our innermost potential, sparking a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through adversity and triumph alike, we emerge transformed, resilient in the face of uncertainty. They imbue life with depth and meaning, shaping our identities and guiding our paths forward with newfound clarity and purpose. In their wake, we embrace change as a constant companion, embracing the beauty of transformation as an integral part of the human experience.

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Our AR/VR Services

Immersive Training Solutions

We provide you with interactive AR/VR training modules for various needs. From game engines (e.g., Unity, Unreal) and AR development tools (e.g., ARKit, ARCore) to create simulations that mimic real-world scenarios. AI can be integrated for dynamic responses and branching storylines. Increased knowledge retention, improved engagement, and scalable training for diverse audiences.

Virtual Product Demonstrations

We provide Virtual Product Demonstrations with custom showcase products in 3D virtual environments. with 3D modeling and rendering software to create photorealistic product models. VR platforms and interactive features allow users to explore functionalities in detail. Improved sales conversions, reduced reliance on physical prototypes, and the ability to showcase complex products remotely.

Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns

We provide Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns with AR experiences to boost brand engagement. We utilize computer vision and image recognition to integrate digital elements into the real world through mobile apps. Social media integration and gamification can further enhance engagement. Creation of shareable experiences, and valuable customer data collection through AR interactions.

Virtual Event Experiences

We Develop VR platforms for hosting virtual conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions by building interactive virtual environments with 3D avatars, spatial audio, and features like virtual booths and networking spaces. Integration with video conferencing tools allows for real-time interaction.

AR/VR Gaming Development

We Create immersive video games that blend reality and virtual worlds. By leveraging game development tools and integrating AR/VR functionalities like hand tracking and motion capture. Advanced physics engines ensure realistic interactions within the game environment. Highly engaging and innovative game experiences that stand out in the competitive gaming market.

Architectural Visualization Services

We Create immersive VR walkthroughs of architectural designs. By converting 3D architectural models into VR experiences, allowing clients to navigate and interact with the design on a realistic scale. Spatial audio further enhances the immersion. Early identification of design flaws, and a more impactful presentation of design proposals.

Healthcare Simulation Solutions

We Develop realistic VR simulations for medical training and patient care. With medically accurate scenarios using 3D modeling and integrating haptic feedback for a more realistic touch experience. VR allows for practicing procedures and decision-making in a safe, controlled environment. Improved medical professional training, reduced risk of complications during real procedures, and potential for remote collaboration on complex cases


We offer a secure and transparent way to manage data. It utilizes a distributed ledger system, where transactions are chronologically recorded and cryptographically secured across a network of computers. This ensures tamper-proof data management, fostering trust and transparency in various applications like financial services, supply chain tracking, and secure digital identities. However, challenges remain in scalability, energy consumption, and evolving regulations.

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Our AR/VR Process

Custom Software Development

Frustrated by off-the-shelf software limitations? Custom solutions built for your unique business needs. Automate the process & boost efficiency and new possibilities for growth. Our expert team guides you through every step through consultations from design to implementation to grow your business.

Web App Development

Crafting dynamic web experiences entails integrating interactive elements and captivating design to engage users effectively and enhance their online interactions. It involves a fusion of technology and creativity to deliver seamless and memorable digital journeys.

Mobile App Development

Qwerty Experts bring your mobile app dream to life. Our expert developers build feature-rich, user-friendly apps from native to cross-platform. We provide you guidance throughout the entire process, from initial concept to launch.


AR Applications

  • AR Gaming
  • Augmented Shopping Experiences
  • Interactive Advertising


VR Solutions

  • Virtual Training Simulations
  • Immersive Entertainment Experiences
  • Virtual Tours and Travel Experiences


Mixed Reality Innovations

  • Blending Real and Virtual Worlds
  • Interactive Storytelling Experiences
  • Real-time Collaboration Platforms

Engagement Model

Choose your path to greatness with Qwerty Expert's flexible engagement model

Build Your Dedicated Team

Turn your project vision into reality with our Dedicated Team Model. At Qwerty Experts, we provide a custom team of specialists specifically for your needs. Whether you require UI/UX designers, Software developers, System Architecture Engineers, Quality assurance specialists, or DevOps engineers, we provide the perfect combination of experts to bring your dream project to life.
Build Your Team

Fixed Price Projects

The fixed price model keeps your project costs clear and predictable. This approach includes complete aspects of a project or the scope of a project. It's ideal for projects with well-defined goals, MVP, and integrations e.g. ERP, Booking System, Portals, and Truck Tracking System. We provide free consultation, and SRS Documents for the first time. Pick your slot to get a free consultation about your idea or issue.
Develop Your Project

Success Stories


Antonio D. Cruz

Online Battleground (OBG) is an emerging gaming platform hub that hosts Esports tournaments, leagues, ladders, and fantasy leagues. The platform aims to provide a seamless and exciting gaming experience for players of all levels, from casual gamers to professional Esports athletes. OBG offers a variety of games and tournaments, allowing users to compete, win prizes, and immerse themselves in the world of competitive gaming.

Anmol Sahai

Founder & CEO
Composure law firm is a well-established legal practice specializing in various areas of law. With a growing client base and increasing operational complexities, the firm recognized the need for an efficient and comprehensive management software solution to streamline their intake process, expedite case processing, and provide real-time data insights. Their goal was to enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and deliver exceptional legal services to their clients.
BPI Sports
deniz gungor-fotor-20240305105458

Deniz Gungor

Digital Marketing Director
BPI Sports, a prominent player in the sports nutrition and supplement industry, has been dedicated to helping fitness enthusiasts and athletes achieve their performance goals for over a decade. With a wide range of products designed to enhance fitness, muscle growth, and overall well-being, BPI Sports has earned a solid reputation among its loyal customer base.

Puneet Agarwal

CEO & Founder
Azeera jewelry is a renowned online retailer specializing in exquisite, handcrafted jewelry pieces. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and personalized designs, Azeera has been serving customers with unique jewelry options for over a decade. However, in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, Azeera recognized the need to revamp its website to stay competitive and offer an even better shopping experience for its customers.
Sven & Son
sven and sons-fotor-2024030511023

Brett Messieh

Chief Marketing Officer
Sven & Son is a distinguished online retailer specializing in premium mattresses and adjustable bed frames. With a commitment to providing customers with the ultimate sleep experience, the company has established itself as a trusted name in the highly competitive mattress industry. Their website,, serves as the digital storefront for a global customer base seeking quality sleep solutions.
Shop Birdie Box

Xanthe Gentry

Director, Digital & E-Commerce
Shop Birdie Box is a well-established online retailer specializing in unique golf-themed gift boxes and subscription services. With a strong presence in the golfing community, they offer a wide range of high-quality products curated for golf enthusiasts. However, despite its success, Birdie Box recognized the need to enhance its online shopping experience to meet evolving customer expectations and grow its business further.
Isuzu system
Leonardo Di Francesco-fotor-2024030511823

Leonardo Di Francesco

Director Business Development
The client, Isuzu Systems, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial machinery and equipment. With a global presence, they provide a wide range of products and services, including heavy machinery, spare parts, and maintenance solutions. Isuzu Systems recognized the need to streamline its ordering process to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Set For Set
set for set-fotor-2024030511121

Kiel Digiovanni

Set For Set is a fitness equipment company that specializes in providing high-quality resistance bands, kettlebells, and other fitness products. Founded by fitness enthusiasts, the company aims to promote health and wellness by offering durable and versatile workout equipment suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Set For Set is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in the fitness industry.
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