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wordpress vs wix

Creating a website has never been the easiest task, despite whether you want to make the simplest site, it requires your time, effort, money, and some knowledge about the right platform. That’s where WordPress and Wix transpire.

Wix and WordPress are two popular tools for developing a website but the two competitors have completely different strategies for building a website. However, if you’re about to build a website and are confused about which platform to choose, you have approached the right place.

In this article, I am going to compare Wix and WordPress to help you decide the most suitable platform for creating your website.

Before that get to know about Wix and WordPress separately.

What is Wix?

About Wix

Wix is an Israeli software company that enables you to design and build your own website without requiring any code. It is a software cum service tool that was introduced in 2006 that works as a platform to develop your website by paying a monthly fee to use it.

The main objective of Wix is to provide you with the most requirements to build and maintain your website. Its services include web hosting, domain name, content management system (CMS), templates, E-commerce solutions, and customer support.

Wix does not require any installation for hosting a website. So you don’t need to worry. You can host your website for as long as you have the access to the internet and the web browser, and maintain your Wix website from anywhere.

What is WordPress?

What Is WordPress

WordPress is the older approach to develop your website which was founded in 2003. It comes in two different versions:

Hosted WordPress

Hosted WordPress

The hosted WordPress is available at wordpress.com, which is a very similar software as the Wix tool for developing and maintaining websites. You need to pay a monthly fee to get some hosting for your website, but that doesn’t cost much in the initial stages. Once you paid the fee, you can access it on a wider range such as its features that help you build a website reliably.

A hosted WordPress is a bit less of an all-rounder solution than Wix, but its users rely more on third-party plugins and themes to increase the performance and graphical appearance of the website.

Self-Hosted WordPress

Self Hosted WordPress

A self-hosted WordPress is an open-source version and a piece of website development and management software that can be downloaded from the official wordpress.org and installed from any web server. Similar to Wix, you are required to purchase hosting for your website. Besides, the open-source WordPress means that the code behind it is available for free and you can modify it very easily.

The main difference between Wix and WordPress is that WordPress is a content management system, whereas Wix is a website developer. But they share common ground in terms of several aspects. Both software is used to construct and develop websites and allow you to create spectacular websites very simply.

Wix vs. WordPress: Best Platform for Developing Website

Wix vs WordPress

Well, WordPress and Wix are excellent platforms but they’re different somehow. Although the two platform help create and maintain websites, they work differently. Both platform are easy-to-use and offer technical support, still, they vary with respect to numerous factors.


When it comes to customization, Wix offers ample website templates and all of them are pretty responsive. These templates can be customized and edited to give your personal touches and make them unique. Moreover, Wix offers a collection of more than 250 applications that can be added to your website within seconds. These apps include reservation systems, pricing tables, and form builders, etc.

On the other hand, WordPress offers 15 themes only for your website. It’s quite disappointing that you need to obtain themes from a third party. However, it offers above 46000 plugins and does not show any sign of slowing your website down.

Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the significant factors that should not be overlooked while deciding on the best platform for creating a website. Wix does not have much repute in terms of SEO but it is still a flash-based website developer. Wix added new SEO latest options in its platforms such as customizable URLs and page titles or descriptions. It added 301 redirects to enhance the loading speed of web pages. Still, Wix offers limited editors.

WordPress enables you to perform whatever you want. With WordPress, if you install the right plugins, you will get countless SEO options. Besides, you will get much improved options to boost your loading speed by selecting your own host and adding plugins to remove your pages.

Though Wix delivers enough SEO options to beginners, if you are creating a website on a competitive niche and platform, it is advised to get a whole collection of SEO tools.

Safety and Security

WordPress and Wix are two wholly different approaches that use matchless approaches in terms of security and safety. Talking about Wix this platform takes everything into its own hands other than a few things such as two-factor verification and passwords. It handles security on its own. You are only required to pay, sign up, and keep clearing the cache to maintain your website.

On the flip side, with WordPress, you are entirely responsible for your website’s security. You should check on vital updates, choose the right hosting, and check for various errors. Unfortunately, if you get any, you need to handle it yourself.

Conversely, it sounds pretty difficult that demands much responsibility, but as for most people, WordPress is considered the most secure software because there are various plugins to keep your websites safe.


While comparing Wix vs WordPress pricing, the two CMS are completely different from each other. Wix offers an all-in-one package that includes E-commerce, applications, hosting, themes, and customer care. And some of the applications available on Wix are free of cost. 

On the other hand, WordPress is available in various versions; some of them are free and some paid. For instance, WordPress Core is free to use at the initial stages, but it also ends up demanding for some fee to get the theme, hosting, and plugins. Furthermore, there are some premium WordPress plugins that cost differently as per the features offered.

Wix vs WordPress for Blogging

When it comes to Wix vs WordPress for blogging, many users seek a straightforward platform for initiating blogging. But, the two seem pretty reliable for this purpose, so which to decide on?

Scratching from the Wix it allows you to add a blog effortlessly to your website and offers all fundamental features that are commonly used in blogging, such as images, videos, tags, archives, and categories, etc. however, you may find Wix comments a bit slow and less manageable then WordPress. It also lacks several other specifications, for instance, creative private posts and backdating posts, etc. moreover, the writing interface for blogging uses a plain text editor with limited formatting options. 

Contrarily, WordPress was actually introduced as a blogging platform which involved 40 percent of all websites today. It delivers some amazing blogging features along with a native commenting system and other exclusive features that are not offered by Wix. WordPress provides some powerful editors to create stunning templates for your blogs. Primarily, you can elongate your blog post by using plugins and add several additional features through WordPress.

Which is better Wix or WordPress?

While comparing WordPress and Wix, we have to come to an end and decide on the best platform to build a website. Well, I must say that WordPress wins the debate because it is much superior to Wix in numerous manners. WordPress allows you to customize every element of your website, despite taking security responsibility into its own hands. Besides, in case you face any issue in WordPress, you’ll get hundreds of tutorials on YouTube to fix them by yourself. Still, if you’re confused in choosing between WordPress or Wix, feel free to contact us and get appropriate suggestions.