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Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins And Themes

No one offers anything for free. It is human nature to rush to stuff offered for free without looking at what is at stake. Similar is the case with free wp nulled plugins. When a person makes a new website, they try to cut off costs by saving money wherever possible. This is where they fall prey to cracked WordPress themes disguised as original ones.

The website owner installs these considering them for free and cutting costs. Little do they know that it costs them the privacy and growth of their website. Yes, you heard it right! The nulled WordPress themes come at the price of the website’s safety.

Therefore, we have brought this post to help you understand why you must avoid nulled WordPress themes and how they affect the integrity of your website. Read the next section to get the full insight.

What Are Nulled WordPress Plugins?

Very often you see websites offering free WordPress themes usually named fremiums. These are not from the original developer but a third party. This is a nulled WordPress plugin. To put it precisely, these are the pirated versions of the original product. The nulled meaning here is the cracked version of the original template. In most cases, the original author is unaware of these free plugins being offered elsewhere and has nothing to do with it.

To make them look original, the cracked WordPress theme offers all the features that are being offered by the parent developer, and at no cost. However, once you start using them is when you come to know of the glitches. Besides being of bad quality, they also make your website vulnerable to data breaches and open to hackers.

5 Reasons You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Plugins And Themes

When you are buying a free WordPress plugin, it might seem like you are saving a lot of money whereas in reality, you will have to spend a lot more in the long run. Therefore, we have simplified several reasons why you should not use nulled WordPress plugins. These are discussed below.

  • Website Hacking

The nulled plugins and themes are not offered by the original author and they do not have anything to do with it. The third party that distributes it for free does not sell it under license and so they modify it before giving out the plugins.

Installing these free themes is like giving complete access to hackers. The pirated version of the template WordPress nulled usually have malicious software added by the third party. This malware is a clear security breach to your website and you will not even know when installing this plugin.

Once your website is hacked, it will take thousands of dollars to clear the malware. Therefore, earlier you thought you would be saving money by using the free software whereas, in reality, you would have to spend a very huge amount later on.

  • Security Breach

The cracked WordPress themes usually come with spyware exposing them to hackers. This might only cause minimum security issues if your website does not have any personal information. However, you can be in hot watts if your website contains sensitive and personal user data.

The security breach that comes with the malware is quite strong. If your website gets hacked, the personal data of users can be easily accessed by hackers and used in the wrong way. Furthermore, if this includes their home address, phone numbers, and other passwords, all this data will be available unprotected on the web and hard to recover. Ultimately, you can face a lawsuit for not safeguarding the data of your customers.

  • No Updation

Updates are key to running any software smoothly. The same is the case with WordPress themes. They also require timely updation for proper and enhanced functioning. The update requires you to enter the license key. The original plugin comes with a license and can be updated easily and regularly. On the other hand, since the nulled plugin is license-free, they do not support any updates.

You will be stuck with the version you installed in the first place and will not be able to get the enhanced themes or options offered. Furthermore, if the software is not updated for a long time, it stops working. Similarly, this pirated plugin will eventually crash leaving you with no option but to probably work on your website from scratch.

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  • Compromise SEO

Every website owner is fully aware of the importance of SEO. If your website is not ranking in the search engines, you will be generating little or no revenue. The nulled WordPress plugins come with malicious software that does not appear to the administrator making it impossible to fix the problem. To you, your site will be perfectly well, except that it will not be having any traffic.

These cracked templates insert malicious links on your website and direct the user to spam links. In this way, not only is the traffic bounced off from your website but its google ranking also drops. In the worst-case scenario, Google has the right to take your website off the web and blacklist it.

  • No Support

When you buy a plugin from the original developer, they know the ins and outs of it. Therefore, if you get stuck anywhere or it stops working on your device, they can help you crack it. On the other hand, when you install the template WordPress nulled, everything is up to you. In case of any malfunction, you can neither contact the parent developer nor will the pirated sellers be of any help.

Therefore, you will either have to let it go altogether or spend thousands of dollars to fix the problem.


A free plugin with all the premium features might sound like a good deal but it’s just the glitter. Your website will face a lot of snagging and poor traffic ultimately having you spend thousands of dollars to fix it.

Furthermore, your personal and technical data will be at the mercy of hackers and it will be very hard for you to fix the malware. Therefore, it is better to spend on the original plugin and not regret it later.

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