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7 Simple Steps to Secure your WordPress Website

As per the survey of W3Techs web technologies, WordPress is presently the most potent among 27% of all websites. It has evolved throughout the years and allows its users to create their websites effortlessly. Although WordPress takes the whole responsibility of safety and security, unlike Wix still, to prevent significant data some seek to bring extra protection to their websites.

However, it is a time for cyber technology and hackers to have the potential to sway your website in a few minutes easily. Throughout many years their skills are modified; they will meet you in different shapes and forms that you will never recognize. Moreover, it will be tough for you to notice if your website is hacked or not. They will use all your important information.

Therefore, to solve this pitfall, I am here to guide you about which ways your WordPress could be hacked and how you can prevent it. This guide will help you to secure your WordPress website.

Why is WordPress Website Security Important?

WordPress is a leading and open-source content management system that was founded in 2003. At first, it was a blogging platform, but now it has evolved into an absolute website construction tool. Almost 40% of all the websites on the internet are controlled by WordPress in the US. It is the best thing that makes it the most popular website constructor on the internet.

Unfortunately, the problem occurs when the hackers are alert and cause threats to the security of websites. Due to its popularity, it’s now the aim of techies too. Therefore, you need to put the required effort into securing your website so that you can come up with extraordinary results.

Can a Website be Secured?

Undoubtedly, due to its fame and constant use by many website owners, there is the possibility that it can be hacked. But every problem has its solution. If there are technophiles, there are some ways too through which you can save your data.

The best way to secure a WordPress site is by knowing what sources hackers can use to take over your website. Sir Francisco Bacon said that knowledge is power, so by using your skill and comprehension, let’s first look at the vulnerabilities of WordPress.

What security threats does WordPress face?

For those who are new to the IT world and want to know what channels hackers are using, here is all you need to notice. By having an idea about these derivations, you can assuredly protect WordPress sites.

✦ Malware

In 2019 malware was the most threatening source that was used by the techies. It stands for malicious software that allows unauthorized access. You can easily be hacked through emails, any downloads, free trials, or any internet source. Moreover, spyware, Trojans, viruses, and phishing are all types of malware.

Now you have got the idea of malware, but how can you recognize it if you are hacked? Well, you need to ask yourself to solve this quire.

  1. Are you getting a lot of spam?
  2. Are you experiencing any crashes?
  3. Is your computer working slowly?

To make WordPress site secure, it is advised to use a malware scanner because it will guide you if your system is infected.

✦ SEO Spam

Woefully, this type of source is used by hackers frequently because you will never notice if you are hacked or not. For many past years, it has been considered the biggest CMS hacking channel. Whenever you have any visitors on your website, all their data will be in the hands of technophiles if you have zero ideas.

It can only happen if you have a weak password or using an old plug-in. Many people assume that techie targets high repute websites; well it’s a wrong assumption. They will always target smaller websites because they are not SSL certified, which means hacking is easy peasy.

✦ Backdoors

For beginners, it is informed that this malware source is built-in or installed by programmers, and you will have minimum knowledge about that. Backdoor is a term that refers to equivalent access to software or any hardware system.  It can easily take control of the protection of your website by using Trojans.

How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers?

According to a study by the University of Maryland, hackers easily attack every 39 seconds.  Therefore, experts have found some ways that will provide security for WordPress sites.

Now that you have a clear idea of the sources through which you can be hacked, let’s look at the preventive measures you can take for your site’s guard.

✦ Strong Hosting

If you are an IT expert and can host your website, it’s fine; but what if you are not a pro and might be looking for possible options? Therefore, considering a strong host is your first task. The reason is that the quality of your website always depends on an ideal hosting.  It controls every aspect of your website ranging from designing, traffic inflow capacities, or page speed.

If you prefer shared hosting, it will mean that you have to share your server and producer with others too. Unfortunately, you will make the wrong decision because this will automatically lead to hacking. Why? Because when you face any infection in your website, you will be on your own; the shared hosting service will not help you even a little bit.

Therefore, to prevent these circumstances, it is advised to rely on automated hosting services. They are very easy to handle, like 10Web.

✦ Forbid Editing

Your WordPress includes all the themes and plug-ins; therefore, you might be caught in trouble if you have allowed editing to the users. Therefore, disallowing them is the best option otherwise, they will emend any available file on your WordPress dashboard.

If you disable the editing option, none will alter any file if the techie also has your admin access. Just take a deep breath; you are safe and sound.

✦ Security Plug-in

Security plug-in is another theme security WordPress. Many users questioned why it is essential for the security of sites. The reason is that it can detect any kind of malware just by scanning. If you are unaware of being infected, an ideal theme security plug-in will save you. Furthermore, it stops unauthorized code transformation, SQ injections, PHP function, 404 attacks, and above all backend attacks.

Therefore, if you have determined to use this method for your WordPress security and seek a perfect plug-in, 10Web offers you 50+ plug-ins.

✦ High-standard Passwords

Password stealing is another issue that many website owners are facing nowadays. Therefore, having a strong and confirmed password is very important.  Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by small-scale website owners and leads to hacking.  Whether you have a high or low-ranked website, always use a complex password, auto-generated, nonsensical letters combination, or any of those letters epical to you.

Let me tell you; if you are using a password of serial numbers or alphabets, change this immediately. It will never protect your WordPress from hacking. Anyone will access it effortlessly.

✦ Updating

I have seen many people forget to update their computers once they buy. It is their drawback; what if WordPress provides you a new security feature and you overlook it? That feature might tell you all the infections you have on your website; therefore, it is advised by pros to update your devices often.

If you want a source that can inform you of updates, 10Web is right there for you. It offers you an automatic upgrade and efficiently manages your dashboard. Moreover, it is best if you reform your WordPress on either a daily basis or weekly.

✦ Limiting Login Attempts

Many users set a hard-to-guess password and prefer a maximum number of login attempts. This can be an advantage for you, but according to IT experts, this is an advantage for hackers. With unlimited attempts, they can easily access your site.

Therefore, to set a  WordPress secure login, it is recommended to make as limited logins as you can. The best part is that if any other user tries to enter your website many times, he will be automatically blocked.

✦ Installing SSL Certificate

Single sockets layer; initially, it was needed to secure the websites from transactions and payments. It is advantageous for all types of websites because it is now recognized as an essential SSL certificate.

You might be wondering why it is so essential for WordPress? The reason is that it is mandatory for those websites that have confidential information. It secures your password, credit card details, and transaction histories. If you have no SSL certificate, any kind of information can be easily transferred between you and the users, unfortunately, to the hackers.

Therefore, if you have an SSL certificate, all the essential information will be secured without transferring it to any user.

Another important thing is that an intermediate SSL certificate can cost you up to $70 – $199 per year. Therefore, if you can’t afford this amount or don’t have any critical information, you don’t have to pay. There are some hosting companies that give free EncryptSSL certificates, but still, it’s your choice. What matters is the security of your WordPress and your data.


WordPress is an ideal source for content management with a proper security system.  However, sometimes renowned website owners want to improve their website’s security to prevent it from hacking. Therefore, by knowing all the ways, you can easily guard your website in this era of cyber technology. Furthermore, maintaining the security of your WordPress is not difficult; it just costs you time, effort, and sometimes money.

Hence, I have provided you with the best possible ways to save WordPress from hackers. Still, if you have some minor ambiguities, I have attempted to clear them in FAQs.


  1. Should I use multiple plug-ins?

No, it can affect your security system, performance, and speed.

  1. How do I know if I am using WordPress’s latest version?

It’s effortless. You can see that on your admin dashboard at the bottom right of the homepage. There you will see the version you are using.

  1. Can I build websites for free?

Yes, without any restrictions you can easily use WordPress as it is free of cost.